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Why Publish with Academic

Do you want to write a book, or have an idea for some new course material? If you need some assistance in organizing your thoughts into a formal proposal that will ensure that Academic Publishers will be able to thoroughly assess the merits of your idea, check on our guidelines for proposal.

We invite you to submit your manuscript proposal and become an author of our prestigious publishing programs.

  • Academic Publishers is devoted to widespread dissemination of scholarly work and considers its publications on the basis of quality, and potential interest to the academic community it serves. We listen to our authors and actively seek to partner with them throughout the editorial, production, and promotion stages.
  • Academic Publishers offers royalty rates that are highly competitive with other publishers. Our pricing considerations ensure that your book will be priced to make it accessible to its audience.
  • Academic Publishers offers personal service to its authors, making it easier for you to publish your book. Our in-house staff is composed of publishing professionals who know how to publish professional books and who can provide guidance at each step of your project, from proposal to bound book. Our dedicated staff is accessible to you whenever you want and will answer any questions you may have at any time during the preparation process. We know that publishing a book is a cooperative venture, and we work to ensure that you are happy with the end result.
  • Academic Publishers makes every effort to publish the book in a timely manner. We can assure you of fast turn around from manuscript to production of the book. We have specialists who are ready to assist you in preparing an electronic manuscript.
  • Our production and editorial staffs constantly monitor all work, reducing costly errors. We scrutinize every detail to ensure accuracy and adherence to our own high standards. Moreover, virtually all of our work is done by in-house staff, from the initial mark-up of the manuscript through printing and binding: ensuring a consistent level of quality control throughout the entire publication process.
  • Books published by Academic are evaluated by editorial committees consisting of experts in their fields. Each committee evaluates proposals and manuscripts for quality, and offers suggestions on how a proposed publication can be enhanced to better serve the academic community.
  • Academic Publishers has the expertise and experience to market and promote your book nationwide.
  • In addition to repeated promotion through direct mail and advertising, your book also gets exposure in a growing network of top bookstores nationwide, including various distributors and resellers chains stocking college-level publications.

If you wish to submit an idea for a new book, simply complete the form and send it to us. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate person within our Editorial Review Board and they will follow-up with you.