Academic Publishers was founded in 1958. Since then it has been publishing scholarly books specializing in scientific, technical and medical fields. In addition, Academic also publishes books in other areas including Management, Sociology, Economics, and Political Science. Over the years, Academic has emerged as one of the leaders in textbook publishing nationwide and has been growing rapidly. It has formed partnerships and alliances with leading distributors and various organizations worldwide.

Academic Publishers also provides a variety of services to individuals and organizations worldwide.

  • Supplying of English and Bengali books and magazines to individuals, associations and libraries worldwide.
  • Help authors in self-publishing like editing, publishing and distribution of their books.
  • Pre-press services like Desk Top Publishing (DTP) which includes type setting, composing and graphic designs both in English, Bengali and Hindi as well as complete turnkey production.
  • Organize exhibition of Indian books and magazines in different parts of the world, Europe and North America in particular.
  • We specialize in printing and publishing of magazines, journals and annual report of various associations in Europe and North America .



Our mission is to publish books of highest quality, dissemination of scholarly work through various publications and nurturing talented authors so that their work gets full recognition.


Academic Publishers has formed strategic partnerships and alliances with various international organizations including World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), International Labour Organization (ILO) among others to co-publish and distribute several books in regional languages. These partnerships allow Academic to periodically bring out books on primary health education, technical bulletins, agricultural publications and pamphlets targeted for the rural mass at a subsidized price. In addition, Academic also participates in the Google's Book Partner Program to promote its books worldwide. It plans to further strengthen its marketing activities by establishing multilateral business relationships with various organizations - that can be promoted and expanded globally.